My stage name is “ALEX IL VIAGGIATORE” from 1978 to today…









I was born in Rome in 1972, passionate about travel, photography, archeology and drawing, since I was a child

I began to cultivate these interests which also led me to choose a course of study in this area.

Graduated from the III Liceo Artistico Statale in Rome with an address in “Architecture” in 1990,

I then specialized as a professional photographer at the Cromatic Academy of Photography.

In 1991 I placed second in the photo contest “Ottica Vasari (1860)” with a photo of Petra (Jordan).

In 1998 I obtained the title of “Technician of Multimedia Production and Image Processing” with a scholarship at the Orao Consortium directed by the well-known Folco Quilici.

I had Emanuele Floridia and Renato Rizzato as my art teachers for my artistic training, while Folco Quilici, Luca Tamagnini, Giorgio Cosulich de Pecine, Paolo Sasso and Carlo Marraffa for photography.

During the years of my training I had the opportunity to personally know and appreciate Pier Augusto Breccia, an internationally renowned artist, considered in the world of contemporary art as the Head of Hermeneutic Painting.

In the tourism field, I had Doctor Francesco Granese as a teacher, former Director of Confindustria Assotravel, specialized in Marketing and Communication Strategy in tourism.

My interest in travel and photography led me to develop a career as a photojournalist in Italy and abroad.

Over the years, through countless photographs and drawings, I have gathered sensations and real life experiences that led me to launch the stage name “Alex il Viaggiatore” for the first time on the web, designing the logo in 2003 and choosing it in 2004 as a domain for non-profit science dissemination.

In 2003 I participated as a commentator and traveler with my photos of Jordan and Syria on the first monothematic digital channel dedicated to travel “Marcopolo” of Sky TV in the broadcast “Million” hosted by Marco Falaguasta, Italian actor, playwright and director.

In 2007 I received the “Marca Brasil” from Embratur for educational purposes and projects for the promotion of Brazil in the world.

I have received national and international recognition by participating in exhibitions and events from 2015 to today.

Since 2011 I have set up and curated group and personal exhibitions both in galleries and in other exhibition spaces.

The passion for travel was born from the curiosity to get in touch with different places, situations, cultures and people.

For me there is no better journey than another, because every journey is an experience that shapes you.

Before leaving, I dream, read, document and organize the itinerary.

Comparison with different cultural identities indicates the desire and ability to question oneself in order to understand and adapt to various contexts, respecting the culture and environment of the travel destination.

To make what I said better, I use photography or drawing as a testimony, remembrance and memory of the history and artistic, architectural, archaeological, landscape and cultural heritage of the country visited.

I always try to produce original and quality images, always using a sophisticated language.

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