My stage name is “ALEX IL VIAGGIATORE” from 1978 until today…








:.. Other life experiences…
From 1987 to 1993 I participated as a student in archaeological excavations and research (Italy and Europe).

From 1994 to 1998 I collaborated as an excavation assistant (technical archaeologist) in archaeological excavations and research in Italy.

In 1996 I participated during an internship (2 months) in the maintenance of the archaeological area of ​​the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum with the Training Center of the Municipality of Rome.

In the same year I also collaborated with the tasks of maintenance manager of the archaeological areas in the project “Archaeology outside the walls”, managed by the Società Cooperativa Archeologia a. R. l on behalf of the Office of the Mayor of Rome, municipal resolution n.4498 of 29/12/1994.

In 1997 I collaborated in the restoration works of the Temple of Athena or Ceres in Paestum (SA) as a cultural heritage restoration operator.

In the same year I collaborated as a computer operator with the Municipality of Rome (IV Department of Cultural Policies) in the archive and documentation of the works of the Museum of Rome in the Braschi Palace.

From 1997 to 1998 I collaborated in the production and multimedia treatment of images for the enhancement of cultural and environmental heritage with a grant from the Orao Consortium, directed by Folco Quilici (disseminator, director, photographer and writer).

In the same year, he made a pasantía in the city of Florence (Italy) and in the Multimedia Center of Terni (Italy) with companies in the field of communication.

From 2000 to 2001 he collaborated with a beca (15 months) in the C.E.D. of the S.I.G.C. Spa for the management of protocols (documentation, archive and scan) of the correspondence of paper to digital.

From 2001 to 2003 I worked in the same company and concluded my work experience with merit and compromise.

In 2003 he participated as a columnist and traveler with my photos (Jordan and Syria) in the first single-issue digital channel dedicated to the “Marcopolo” trips of Sky TV in the “Million” broadcast conducted by Marco Falaguasta, Italian actor, playwright and director.

In 2007 he visited resorts and resorts in Egypt (Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam and Taba) as a travel advisor during an educational event promoted by Commodore Travel and Bagun Explorer in the name of a travel agency in Rome.

In 2008 I worked as an employee of Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A. at the “Leonardo da Vinci” International Airport of Fiumicino.

In 2010 I collaborated in the center of Rome with a tour operator as assistant manager of travel agencies and tour operators after a post-diploma professional qualification (IFTS, higher technical specialization and internships in companies in the tourism sector).

In 2015 I collaborated as a jury of art competitions with the Caffè delle Arti Cultural Association of Adro (BS) in the selection and evaluation of the Graphic – Pictorial Works registered in the Figurative Literary Prize “C’ERA UNA VOLTA UN BAMBINO COME ME…”

In 2017 I was invited as a photographer on Vatican Radio to talk with the journalist Patricia Inestroza about the photographic works created in Brazil and Argentina, present at the XXXVI Edition of the International Exhibition of Brazilian, Portuguese, Argentinean and Italian artists at the “La Pigna Gallery”. ” in Rome.

From 01/01/2012 to 18/05/2018 I was the owner and manager of a non-business Bed and Breakfast non-hotel accommodation establishment “Alex il Viaggiatore”

(completion on 18/05/18 at S.U.A.R. of Rome with QA/2018 Protocol /23883) in Italy.

I received awards for my work in the tourism sector from 2014 to 2018 from some travel web portals:

2014 – Excellence Award – Booking.com B.V. – AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS)

2015 – Excellence Award – Booking.com B.V. – AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS)

2016 – Guest Review Award – Booking.com B.V. – AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS)

2017 – Certificate of Excellence – Tripadvisor LLC – Needham, Massachusetts, (UNITED STATES)

2018 – Certificate of Excellence – Tripadvisor LLC – Needham, Massachusetts, (UNITED STATES)

:.. Countries visited for sports, events, work, cultural and environmental tourism

Places in the world visited: 531

Percentage of the world visited: 32%

Total miles driven: 408,644

Total km travelled: 527,316

Continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania

Capitals visited: 31 (Europe 16 + Africa 4 + Asia 8 + America 3)